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Worlds most unusual hotels

1.Bivacco Gervasutti, Lavache, Italy

Do you want to spend a couple of nights in a capsule that’s hanging on an edge of a cliff? The capsule is set 9,300 feet (2,835 meters) above sea level on Frebouze Glacier in the Mont Blanc (which has the highest peak in Europe and lies in a range that spans Italy and France) in Italy. Bivacco Gervasutti is built in place of the wooden shelter that was built in the memory of Giusto Gervasutti (the climber) in 1948. The location of the capsule (Mont Blanc) is a popular spot for hiking, skiing and snowboarding. The capsule was built by two Italian architects, Luca Gentilcore and Stefano Testa, who used a helicopter to fly in the parts. The capsule includes living and dining areas, and two sleeping quarters that can accommodate up to twelve people. You have to climb Val Ferret by foot to stay in the bivouac. This modern alpine has solar powered energy and internet access and all the makings of a great adventure. ,

2.727 Fuselage Home, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

727 Fuselage Home has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and is situated 50 feet above the jungle canopy. The ‘hotel’ overlooks The Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio National Park. 727 Fuselage Home has been called one of the most unique and fantastic experiences in the jungles of Costa Rica. The airplane is located besides the rain forest and the Costa Verde II building; its placed on a custom built platform 15 meters above the ground. The airplane offers views of the ocean and jungle from both the airplane windows and the deck that has been built on the wings. The inside of the plane is decorated using restored local teak wood and costa Verde‘s renowned innovation. The airplane has three queen size beds, two bathrooms, TV, AC, kitchenette and a safety deposit.,

3.Karosta Prison, Liepaja, Latvia

Unchanged since Tsarist Russia, for 100 years this prison served to brutalize those who fell foul of the Tsar and Communist Party. The place is said to be haunted. For a truly unique experience, the very brave can spend a night in the cells to experience some of what prisoners might have gone through. Perhaps you want to take some of your friends with you for a slice of real adventure. If so, the prison/hotel has special packages for hen and stag nights and, incredibly, weddings. Happily, for everyone this unusual experience can include tours of the surrounding naval base, perfect for people with a historical interest in the period and it does mean that you are allowed outside eventually. They will even let you ride bikes around the prison.,

4.The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

The Manta Resort is located on Pemba Island in Zanzibar. The resort has an underwater sea room in a floating structure. There are three levels. The landing deck is where you’ll be dropped off and where the lounge and the bathroom are located. The top floor is equipped with daybeds and shades where you can relax in the day and watch the stars at night (it is said that you can see the Milky way and the planets due to the lack of light pollution). The submariner room is below seas level and is a bedroom bubble where you can kick back and watch the fish swim around. The location is a perfect place for diving and snorkeling as its located in a “blue hole” in the middle of a living coral reef.,

5.Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Built in the 1930s in the style of a Scottish hunting lodge, the hotel is a converted manor house. Located 20km from Nairobi, it is part of a modern wildlife sanctuary. The Rothschild Giraffes that live there are completely tame. The sanctuary has over 150 acres of natural forest and a range of wildlife and tropical birds. There’s an elephant center you can visit where they raise orphaned elephant calves and reintroduce them to the wild. Excursions to Nairobi from the hotel are provided so the guest can shop. There is a manicured garden and a museum devoted to the famous author, Karen Blixen. Excursions into the Ngong hills- home of the Masai tribe can be arranged. There’s a Masai legend of an ancient giant dying there and his knuckled becoming the four mountain summits that can be seen over the mystical hills.,